12 April, 2008
SmartWare has an excellent track record.        

20 April, 2008
SmartWare Solutions understands the need to protect your current investment        



SmartWare Solutions was founded in 2002 by a team of international experts in the electronic services industry. With alliances with the major accounts in the Middle East; SmartWare Solutions managed to deliver class A solutions and services in the Health, Government and Telecom sectors.
SmartWare Solutions employ professional people experienced to deploy the best technology and resources to coverage the business.

Business Growth & Flexibility
SmartWare Solutions offers an extensive and growing suite of powerful, flexible products to help in automating our client's Financial, Distribution, Manufacturing, ePayment, Human Resources Operations, Retail, Hospitability, Electronic Archiving and Administration Utilities. Web Solutions including e-Business & Web Applications are also available.

Core Values
The foundation of success at
SmartWare Solutions rests upon its guiding values - integrity, commitment, innovation, and excellence.  These values are the guidelines in every step being taken while conducting the different forms of specialized business.

Our Philosophy

·        Computer programmers don't know shinola when it comes to designing software.

·        People who work in the real world are the best software designers - software guys need to listen to industry experts, customers and others and create the best solution.

·        Great software is only half the battle. Excellent support, the ability to listen to our customers and mature our software is equally important.

We take those above three points to heart. As a result, our software is very well liked, our help desk is top notch and our company is growing at a healthy pace!


Implementation Methodology

In a nutshell, SmartWare Solutions benefits and systems implementations solutions are carried out through:

·        Management and administration of customer's office systems.

·        Setting the operations systems ready.

·        Training customers’ key users to use and configure systems.

·        Solution provider for hardware & software guaranteeing excellent service.

·        Dealer support with competent partners, using a range of diverse marketing activities, training, and an efficient call center.


Bespoke Development

SmartWare Solutions is following information engineering methods for applications development in order to produce a system reflecting what defined in the technical specification, on time and within budget. SmartWare Solutions ensures that the developed system is of an acceptable quality and contains all necessary operating and user procedures. The system delivery includes:

·        Installation of equipment

·        Establishment of databases

·        Setting up of procedures

·       Programs for specifying, coding and testing