12 April, 2008
SmartWare has an excellent track record.        

20 April, 2008
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eCity is a tool that provides electronic services to the public via Mobiles and Automated Services Machines (KIOSK) which are accessible from anywhere in the city. (I.e. streets, markets …etc.).

Smart Wallet
Smart Wallet is a point-of-sale activation and electronic recharge (e-recharge) or electronic distribution of prepaid services.
Smart Wallet's system is used by members of the retail supply chain to sell the prepaid or pay-as-you-go products and services of most leading service providers including cellular network operators.
Smart Wallet's transaction processing methods provide efficient payment alternatives to problematic scratch card (hard card, paper card, or voucher) distribution.

Smart Track
A vehicle tracking system using GPS technology serving multiple types of uses:

·        Traffic Departments,

·        Tracking Police vehicles and managing accidents responses

·        Distribution Chains

·        Civilians

Smart Security
A tracking system using RF technology serving multiple types of uses:

·        Tracking, used for monitoring fixed assets within closed areas preventing unauthorized movements outside boundaries.

·       People Tracking, used for tracking personnel and visitors and preventing them from accessing unauthorized areas.

·       Controlling doors and gates.

·        Digital recording of assets and people motion history.

Smart HelpDesk
SmartWare Solutions is a quality provider of PROs software. Smart HelpDesk, our flagship product has several thousand users. We understand that to create great software, you need to listen to your customers, provide excellent customer service and insure that products are easy to use. These attribute combine to create great software.
Reduce downtime, control maintenance costs and improve labor with our PROs and asset management software. Smart HelpDesk is easy and effective preventive maintenance, work order management, inventory, predictive, requests and maintenance software - all in one package. Our flexible tools work well in facilities of all sizes - from a one-person maintenance shop to multiple maintenance and service departments of maintenance professionals or even
across the country with multiple facilities.